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April’s Brand Champion is Marc Benioff.

We chose Marc Benioff to be April’s Brand Champion because of his crusade to run a great company known worldwide, but also because of his stance to fight for equal pay for women within his company Salesforce.

It may sound easy to pay women equally, but within a tech company that is male dominated it’s easier said than done.  For a company who employs over 30,000 people and has grown at 24% regularly, they are on track to reach revenue of 20 Billion a year by 2020, Salesforce continues to grow at an amazing rate and it would be easy to just let habit and nature take its course, which would mean employing more men than women and paying them more.

In a recent 60 Minutes story on Benioff’s mission, it stated that a woman in 1960 made only 60% of what a man made and that 40 years later that that pay gap had only narrowed by a dime, yes only 10 cents in 40 years. Women today still make on average 20% less than men do.

Because of these facts and a desire to lead by example Marc Benioff has driven Salesforce to lead the charge in pay equality. Benioff conducted an audit to see just how close they were to paying women and men the same, they found out that they weren’t close. Since then Benioff and Salesforce is committed to equal pay and equal opportunity for women and he leads the charge in the business and tech world for other companies to do the same.

When a CEO takes a stand like this is can be a challenge, but is this case Benioff is leading the charge for equal pay for women. Even though it has cost the company real money, it also has been a huge benefit for the company. It has boosted company, helped open up opportunities for women and is now part of the Salesforce brand. It’s because of these facts and his passion to take action that Marc Benioff is April Brand Champion.


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Author of Feature Image: Moritz Hager

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